[rrd-users] I know this is repetitive... but, is there a way to add a new DS to an existing RRD??

Francisco Rivas C francisco.rivas at ifxnw.cl
Mon Jun 24 23:27:17 MEST 2002


I'm using MRTG for more than 2 years, and now I'm switching all the
stuff to RRD. This is a really good tool :)
But I have a problem: I need to add a new DS to an existing RRD file.
I've searched the mail list archives, and I've seen that there is no way
to add it cleanly.
Yes, I know the question... why can't you use another RRD???
For me, this is very simple: I'm using RRD to graph the number of dialup
users connected to our RAS equipment, and I created a script to obtain
all the data through SNMP from the RAS (we have so many Ascend TNT/Max
equipment), in one pass and quickly (if anyone is interested in this
script, just send me an email :) ) If I use another RRD file, I'll need
to collect all the data again, and this would be slow and very cpu time
consuming (for the machine working with the collect of statistics).
Well, the RRD files keeps the data for the DNIS number dialed by the
user. For example, if a user dials the number 555-55555 to connect to
our ISP, the RAS keeps the DNIS (in this case, could be "5555" for
example) in a OID tree, that can be obtained with SNMP. And, I've got
more than 20 DNIS for RAS... and now, I need to add 3 more, and maybe
more in the future, and I don't wanna lose the data...

For example, this is a RRD created for this purpose:
/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.35/bin/rrdtool create myrrd.rrd \
--step 300 \
DS:d8800:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d6500:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5705:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5720:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5723:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5725:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5730:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5740:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5760:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5770:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d6510:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d6511:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d6512:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
DS:d5700:GAUGE:10000:0:100000 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:600 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:6:700 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24:775 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:288:797 \
RRA:MIN:0.5:1:600 \
RRA:MIN:0.5:6:700 \
RRA:MIN:0.5:24:775 \
RRA:MIN:0.5:288:797 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:1:600 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:6:700 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:24:775 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:288:797 \
RRA:LAST:0.5:1:600 \
RRA:LAST:0.5:6:700 \
RRA:LAST:0.5:24:775 \
RRA:LAST:0.5:288:797 \

What can I do? I really need to add another DS to the RRD file.... :)

Thanks a lot for your help..!!

Francisco R.

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