[rrd-users] Re: I know this is repetitive... but, is there a way to add a new DS to

Hamish Marson hamish at travellingkiwi.com
Tue Jun 25 12:08:40 MEST 2002

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>Francisco Rivas C wrote:
><snip long story>
>There currently is no way to add a DS without doing quite some work.
>I can see four ways to approach your problem.  I present them in the
>order which I think are best to worst:
>1: rethink your collecting/updating script.  I find it hard to believe
>   you cannot alter it so that in one pass it generates multiple rrdtool
>   update lines, one DS per RRD would be best.

The problem with this is keeping the data in step. Eventually the 
updates take so long to process that the data is too skewed to be useful 
when you want it to mean something. If you have 200 DS's to be updated 
every 10 seconds, and it takes 100ms to update each one, then you are 
going to be falling behind... Having to open, seek & update even 32 
files (My current number of DS's in my mail rrd's) is going to take way 
more resources than just updating 32 columns in just one file.

There is a limit of course when you should split instead of adding a DS 
to an existing rrd. But just blindly thinking you should just add rrd's 
instead of adding DS's to an existing rrd is just as bad.

>2: search the internet for a script that adds a DS.  There will be one
>   or two of such scripts already made.

I found one in perl that does it to a dump file.

>3: get familiair with the rrdtool internals and extend the program so
>   that add_ds (or similar) is a valid function.
>4: write a script that works on the xml output of "rrdtool dump", then
>   use "rrdtool restore".  Basically this is recreating one of the
>   scripts I mentioned in (2).


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