[rrd-users] Re: Monitoring each CPU in a SMP server

Iñaki Martínez sistema at euskal-linux.org
Wed Jun 26 13:25:56 MEST 2002

Kaixo Geert van der Ploeg!!!

> Depends on your way of monitoring:
> Check which OID's correspond with the respective CPU's and monitor them both.

 I only have the OID for ALL CPUs together....


 What are the OIDs for each CPU???

> Concluding: your question is to wide to answer.
> What OS do you use?

 Debian GNU/Linux 

> What is your way of monitoring?

 Well... via SNMP, but other will be accepted

> Do you use MRTG for collecting data?


> Or maybe some self-made perl/shell-script?

 I get data using a perl script which do snmpgets

> Do you already have a good rrd database?

 Well not for CPU, but for other topics like ram, Swap, so on

> Then, is the graphing-part your problem?

 My problems are (in order):

 1) how to get data for each CPU
    now i get via mpstat, a program that show each CPU status

 2) how to store data in rrd file

 something like this??


 and so on.... for more CPU's (i only have two)

 3) how to graph ALL CPUs in the same graph, if possible
    if NOT possible how to graph, one for each CPU???

 Thanks !!!


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