[rrd-users] Re: GPRINT string formating

Iñaki Martínez sistema at euskal-linux.org
Wed Jun 26 16:15:53 MEST 2002

Kaixo Alex van den Bogaerdt!!!

> >  %9.0lf
> > 
> > This print the following:
> > 
> > MAX:  12345678  Current:  12345678
> > 
> > but i want to see the following:
> > 
> > MAX:  12.345.678  Current:  12.345.678
> > 
> >  is this posible???? how????
> I don't think it is possible.  RRDtool uses your OS's
> printf implementation *and* it does some syntax checking.
> So, even *if* your OS's printf could display it as such
> then still RRDtool will complain (I think).

 OK.... i read the printf man .... look at this...

The following flags can be used to modify the behavior:

`-'    Left-justify the result in the field. Normally the result is right-justified.

`+'    Always include a plus or minus sign in the result.

` '    If the result doesn't start with a plus or minus sign, prefix it with a space instead. Since the `+' flag ensures that the result includes a sign, this flag is ignored if you supply both of them.

`#'    Specifies that the result should always include a decimal point, even if no digits follow it. For the `%g' and `%G' conversions, this also forces trailing zeros after the decimal point to be left in place where they would otherwise be removed.

`''    Separate the digits of the integer part of the result into groups as specified by the locale specified for the LC_NUMERIC category; see section Generic Numeric Formatting Parameters. This flag is a GNU extension.

`0'    Pad the field with zeros instead of spaces; the zeros are placed after any sign. This flag is ignored if the `-' flag is also specified.  

OK.... ALL of this works except `'' (what i want) that does not work..... :-(

 %-9.0lf  -> |123456   |
 %+9.0lf  -> |  +123456|
 %09.0lf  -> |000123456|

 How to use `'' or similar?????

> However, if you write a (part of a) front end that generates
> a string in the format you want then of course you can display
> this.

 I use rrdcgi........ in this case.......



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