[rrd-users] Re: RRD Tutorial - Question -Real World Example

Geert van der Ploeg rrd at geert.triple-it.nl
Fri Mar 1 10:04:23 MET 2002


> So i changed it to:
> [...]
> in='snmpwalk localhost public
> try.ifInOctets.1'                        --> HELP
> echo $in  #to check what it did
> out='snmpwalk localhost public
> fEntry.ifOutOctets.1'                     --> HELP
> echo $out      #to check what it did
>    ./rrdtool update localhost.rrd N:$in:$out
> sleep 10
> echo "Update finished"
> [...]
> in=' ...' doesnt give me the output of my snmpwalk command (of course ;P).
> Am i going the right way? should the scipt look like that?

Jups, going the right way.
some tips:

 - To execute a command, use backquotes. Like this: in=`snmpwalk foobar`

 - You'd better use snmpget instead of snmpwalk (because you want to poll
just one value)

 - Use the format options of snmpget to get just the value (and not the oid,
the type of output, etc)



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