[rrd-users] RRDs::graph problem and question

Hsiao, Chang-Ping CHsiao at corp.untd.com
Thu Mar 14 02:16:34 MET 2002

    I am seeing a strange problem with rrdtool graph.  RRD is created
successfully.  RRD update is correct, verified by rrdtool fetch.  The
problem happens when I run rrdtool graph.  The graph generated looks OK,
except the X axis is marked incorrectly.  For instance, the data points for
2/11/2002 should be week 7, right?  The X axis shows as week 6.
SunOS [17:13:43] > rrdtool fetch visit.rrd MAX -s now-33d
                     JUNO          NZRO          UNTD         TOTAL
1013212800: NaN NaN NaN NaN
1013299200: NaN NaN NaN NaN
1013385600: 1.0839500000e+05 5.6960000000e+04 3.2590000000e+03
1013472000: 1.1066995185e+05 5.9544299190e+04 3.4261628472e+03
1013558400: 1.5138173818e+05 6.6875923310e+04 4.2976567824e+03
1013644800: 1.4921871794e+05 5.7818840394e+04 4.0691946759e+03
1013731200: NaN NaN NaN NaN
1013817600: NaN NaN NaN NaN
1013904000: NaN NaN NaN NaN
SunOS [17:15:03] > perl -e 'print scalar localtime(1013385600), "\n"'
Sun Feb 10 16:00:00 2002
SunOS [17:15:51] >
    Does anyone know what happens and what I can do to correct this?  Thank
you for your help!

Chang-Ping Hsiao
NetZero, Inc.
(805) 418-2252 


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