[rrd-users] Help on types of data sources

Anton Krall akrall at team.inter.net
Sun Mar 31 23:32:45 MEST 2002

Hello Guys

Im using rrdtool and cacti as frontend.

I have a problem creating 2 data sources and graphs..

First one is tryig to graph the load average of a unix machine..

RRDtool is grabbintg the info thru a shell script and when I check whats
in there it says 0.70 f.ex. But at the time of graphing... Its graphings
values like 700 m, etc... How can I make it graph 0.70 and not m's?

2. Im using a php script to gather information from a mysql database
about some user error, the script return values like 10, 20, 30 etc..
Onle value in one line:


Now.. The info is been graphed like for instance, if I get a 30.. On the
graph I see something like 170k, the values been graphed are not what I
expected.... I need to graph the exact value since my script already
gets the user errors in the last 5 minutes and summarizes them so I
don't need rrd to do any calculations or anything.. Just graph the exact
value returned that's it... How can I do this using rrd and cacti?

Thx a lot for the help.

Anton Krall

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