[rrd-users] Re: Turning off normalisation in RRD's

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue May 14 05:32:35 MEST 2002

It would be nice.  I think over on the developers 
list there is something being tested for an ABSOLUTE 
CF...maybe check with them?


>>> "Adam Clark" <adam.clark at ngv.vic.gov.au> 05/13/02 23:22 PM >>>

It would be nice to have an ABSOLUTE CF or something similar.  so aslong as
the entry is made within the step size it is just copied in, rather than
being normalised.  I think it would be usefull in a few cases.


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> Remember that MRTG is designed to rates.  What does
> make sense?  140?  141?  Kind of like the average
> American (US) couple has 2.3 kids.  I don't know
> anyone that has 2.3 kids.  I know more people with 2
> than 3, so I guess that's normalization in real life.
> I think you can force an RRA to be an INTEGER vs a real
> number (mathmatically speaking).  Would that get you
> close enough?
> Paul
> >>> "Adam Clark" <adam.clark at ngv.vic.gov.au> 05/13/02 21:04 PM >>>
> I am checking how many leases ona dhcp server are used, and the
> normalisation creates
> an entry for 1.406666667 e02 leases, or 140.666667 leases.
> which doesnt make
> sense
> is there a way to turn off the normalisation?
> Adam

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