[rrd-users] Summing up

Matthias Mikuletz mmi at ilpoe.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu May 16 17:25:58 MEST 2002

Hi everybody,

first let me say, that rrdtool is really great!
Thanks to all the developpers, mainly to Tobi Oetker.

Then I got a question (sorry in case something like that already has been
dicussed before - I didn't check the archives).

I wonder why there isn't a 'SUM' consolidation function implemented. I
think it is needed quite often.
When monitoring a 'counter', you will in many cases will want to have the
consolidated data summed up - not averaged e.g. when counting mails I'm
not interested in the averaged 5min number of mails (when updating every
5mins) but in the e.g. hourly sums.

I know that it is no problem to work around this using a CDEF (use
'average' then in the CDEF multiply by the number of points).

but wouldn't it be more straightforward to have a 'sum' consolidation
function (besides average, min, max, last)?

e.g. certain frontends who allow to select the consolidation function but
which don't use CDEF's could deal better with that.

did I get somethig completely wrong? is it possible and don't know how?

thanks in advance and happy hacking to all

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