[rrd-users] Summing up again

Matthias Mikuletz mmi at ilpoe.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri May 17 11:23:44 MEST 2002

Hi again,

as I understood the answer of Tobi, he is not quite willing to have such
an additional consolidation function added. Probably because keeping the
update function small and efficient is a main point.
OK, fair enough.

But then a perfect solution would be to have the possibility to use a
variable in CDEF's that represents the number of consolidated points in an
RRA, BUT DIFFERENT FOR EVERY RRA IN THE RRD, because the whole problem
arises since an 'rrdtool graph .... CDEF..' command applies to all the RRA
in the RRD.
You could then call 'rrdtool graph' with one CDEF that says 'multiply
data_source (which is AVERAGE CF'ed in the RRA's ) by steps_rra (which is
the steps value of the RRA's RESPECTIVELY).

Wouldn't this be great!

Tobi, would it be a problem to have something like this being implemented?
I cannot determine how complex this would be.

Thanks and greetings from sunny Stuttgart

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