[rrd-users] Totalling (finish, puh)

Matthias Mikuletz mmi at ilpoe.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri May 17 15:28:25 MEST 2002

> Well, I guess you are confising RRAs with graphs. Data in RRAs is
> always 'per second' ... so if you gather packet drops every 5

Yes. I know that. And it's absolutely OK to only have rates being stored
in the RRA.

But then there is a need for different CDEF's (or a totalling function, or
a variable that can be used in a CDEF) in one 'rrdtool graph' command.
Because for adequate totalling you need distinct multiplications for the
different RRA's.

> maybe thinking about using gauge for such an application, but this
> is wrong. It will either be counter or absolute, depending on

Yep. Sure it's counters. Never thought about using gauges.

> Sure, but this is only presentation ... the internal data format
> is irrelevant as long as it is consistant ... you can draw graphs
> 'per whatever unit of time you want' this is very simple ....

Yes. I agree. It's much more consistent to have the same type of date
(rate based on the same interval) in all of the RRA's of one RRD.
But see above. In 1.0 I can only use the same set of CDEF's for all of the
RRA's in an RRD (am I wrong?) in one call of 'rrdtool graph'. This way I
cannot multiply the rate in one RRA to get 'per hour' while multiplying
the rate in the other RRA to get 'per day'.

This is the reason for me asking about this stuff.

If it's going to be implemented in 1.1, then this is fine.

Thanks to Tobi - still rrdtool is great.

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