[rrd-users] how do I do calculations to STDOUT?

John Giordano isaac at netos.com
Mon May 20 20:22:10 MEST 2002


Just for everyone's edification- I have read and re-read the docs and also looked all over the web but I can't seem to find my answer.

Basically, all I want to do is pull monthly bandwidth calculations from a .rrd in plain text so I can stuff them into a database.

What I can do now is this:

./rrdtool graph foo.png --start -1m --imgformat PNG --title="Monthly UU.Net" --vertical-label "KiloBytes per Second" DEF:inoctets=myrouter.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE DEF:outoctets=myrouter.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE AREA:inoctets#00FF00:"In traffic" LINE1:outoctets#0000FF:"Out traffic"

but I can't seem to figure out what the command syntax is to dump this to STDOUT.

I read the doc on rrdgraph but I couldn't seem to figure out how I can make this simply go to STDOUT so I can use it in a custom Perl script I want to write.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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