[rrd-users] Re: Traffic Flow analyser for unix - kinda like ciscos Netflow

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu May 23 14:43:25 MEST 2002

To analyze flows from Cisco's NetFlow feature, use Flowscan and 
cflowd.  They can both be found at CAIDA's website.

University of Wisconsin (the site you mention) is where these tool are 
used and is how that page was developed.


>>> "Adam Clark" <adam.clark at ngv.vic.gov.au> 05/22/02 07:53PM >>>

	If youve been reading slashdot in the past few days you'll have heard that
australia has lost its last decent
broadband cable service plan which I'm on.  They are imposing 3 gb limits
then throttling you to 28.8k modem speeds.

I have had mrtrg and rrdtool running niceley and I have had it totalling the
traffic for various periods.

I have found out that I have been using about 20gb a month.  Now fo my usage
that seems a tad extreme.  I want to know what that traffic is.  I want
something like Ciscos Netflow.  Is there something around that will do that
for me?
essentially looks at flows of tpc streams and breaks them down into what
an excellent example can be seen:

does anything like this exist?


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