[rrd-users] Help wint customization

Bryan Vest bvest at network1.net
Tue May 28 23:10:44 MEST 2002

	I need some help here please. We use rrd + mrtg to monitor our routers,
switches, some computers, and pretty much everyting else that uses
bandwidth. It also monitors our dial up boxes, like HiperArc's, Portmasters
and IQX's for amount of users currently connected. It does fine for the most
part. But now we want it to also show text of how many modems are connected,
some of our corporate customers do not want to have to count the graph.

I can see that this line is pulling the numbers from somewhere:

"GPRINT:$mds1:MAX:Max $sout", "GPRINT:mpcout:MAX:(%2.0lf%%)",

Does ayone know how i can pull the data used by this GPRINT function to use
in another area? I am pretty sure that as you switch graphs from 6hour -
daily - weekly and so on it automatically updates this with the MAX and
Average values for that time frame. I already had made changes to the script
to print the text values that we were trying to get, it was like an 80 line
addition to the script. The addition went out to the rrd files on its own
and pulled the information using this:

my $modemsinuse = qx(/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.33/bin/rrdtool fetch $rrd
MAX --start end-4minutes);

 I am just looking for a more smooth way to do this. Other people here will
be updating some of the other monitoring servers with this information and I
would like to do it in less than 80 lines if possible. I could have
optimized and probably gotten it to 60 or 70 lines. There were a lot of
calculations going on in this, percentages, 24hour, daily, monthly also a
lot of splits of course to parse the data and a few color changes depending
on certain values.

Or if anyone knows of an existing script that will do this, or could be
lightly modified to do this. We modified the original routers.cgi to get the
information that we are currently using for modems.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bryan Vest

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