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Edgardo Mina edgardo at staff.singnet.com.sg
Thu Nov 7 09:18:24 MET 2002

Hi RRD Gurus,

i am new to rrdtool, and i am trying to create a perl/cgi script that will 
output graph on the ply of the rrd file but i am getting an error, i am 
using a solaris 8 and my script is like this :

use CGI;
$query = new CGI;
require "/data/home/stix/bin/config.inc";
@array = split (/&/,$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'});
for $array (@array)
  $array =~ tr/+/ /;
  ($name,$value) = split (/=/,$array);
  $name =~ s/%([\dA-Fa-f]{2})/pack("C",hex($1))/ge;
  $value =~ s/%([\dA-Fa-f]{2})/pack("C",hex($1))/ge;
  $form{$name} = $value;
  $ipaddress = $form{ipaddress};
$ipaddress = "";
print $query->header(-type=>'image/png');
system ("rrdtool graph - --start=-86400 --title='AboveNet' \\
--height=135 --width=500 --vertical-label='Round Trip Time' --imgformat=PNG \\
DEF:min='$rradir/$ipaddress.rrd':min:AVERAGE \\
DEF:ave='$rradir/$ipaddress.rrd':ave:AVERAGE \\
DEF:max='$rradir/$ipaddress.rrd':max:AVERAGE \\
AREA:ave#00FF00:'Average' \\
GPRINT:ave:LAST:' \\:%8.2lf msec %s' \\
LINE1:min#FF0000:'Minimum' \\
GPRINT:min:LAST:' \\:%8.2lf msec %s' \\
LINE1:max#0000FF:'Maximum' \\
GPRINT:max:LAST:' \\:%8.2lf msec %s'");

am i doing something wrong the error message by the way was this
malformed header from script. Bad header=‰PNG: 
extracted from error_logs of apache

hoping from someone to response
thanks and regards,

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