[rrd-users] Collecting exact values - no average

Ingimar Robertsson iar at skyrr.is
Thu Nov 28 22:46:17 MET 2002

Hi there.

I'm trying to use rrdtool to collect some data once per day and store them
as they are.  I don't want any average, just the plain values.  I also
want to keep them for quite some time (I used 2000 days) but still store
it so that I can "zoom" in to older values using rrd graph.  I'm not sure
if I'm understanding the RRD format since I'm still getting average values.
I've read the tutorial and most of the man pages but they aren't helping

Here is my command I use to create the rrd file.  Actually I have a lot more
datasources but they're all the same so I just show one here.

  rrdtool create rrdfile.rrd -s 86400   \
    DS:mydata:GAUGE:604800:5:300        \

I'll be putting data in once every day and it should be ok not to get any
data for one week (the 604800 value).

Then I put some data into the file.  First the value is 20 for 4 days, then
it drop down to 15 but the graph doesn't snow that, only that the value has
dropped about 0.5, not the 5 it dropped in reality.

 rrdtool update rrdfile.rrd 1038606500:20.00
 rrdtool update rrdfile.rrd 1038692900:20.00
 rrdtool update rrdfile.rrd 1038779300:20.00
 rrdtool update rrdfile.rrd 1038865700:20.00
 rrdtool graph mygraph.gif  --start 1038606500 --end 1039124900  \
         DEF:mydata=rrdfile.rrd:mydata:LAST LINE2:mydata#FF0000
 rrdtool update rrdfile.rrd 1038952100:15.00
 rrdtool graph mygraph.gif  --start 1038606500 --end 1039124900  \
         DEF:mydata=rrdfile.rrd:mydata:LAST LINE2:mydata\#FF0000

But then the value 15.00 comes once again the next day and then the graph
shows the value 15.

 rrdtool update rrdfile.rrd 1039038500:15.00
 rrdtool graph mygraph.gif  --start 1038606500 --end 1039124900  \
         DEF:mydata=rrdfile.rrd:mydata:LAST LINE2:mydata\#FF0000

I guess I'm doing something very stupid here and would very much like a
little nudge in the right direction from someone. :-)

Best regards and thanks in advance.


Ingimar Robertsson, Systems Administrator       EMAIL: iar at skyrr.is
Skyrr Ltd, Iceland Information Management       TEL:   +354-5695100
Armuli 2, 108 Reykjavik, ICELAND                FAX:   +354-5695128

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