[rrd-users] Re: modify RRD db

Iñaki Martínez sistema at euskal-linux.org
Wed Oct 2 13:37:37 MEST 2002

Kaixo Alex van den Bogaerdt!!!

> > I'd like to visualize and modify values into a RRD db, does it exist a tool
> > for doing this quickly?
> No.  Once in the database, values cannot be modified.

 OK.... i have ALL values entered into db in a mysql database...

 NOTE: this values are counters from a switch (in and out).

 So, i can erase the rrd db and re-enter the same values....

 What i want is to modify a portion of time to lower its value.

 How can i modify the counters to lower its values?????

 The graph show something like this.....
             |      ____
        __   |     /
       /  \_ | ___/
  /\__/     \|/

 I want to ELIMINATE the vertical line (3 hours)
> However, nothing stops you from making a backup (rrdtool dump)
> and editing the resulting file.  The altered file can then be
> restored (rrdtool restore).  Repeat many times to be able to
> do this quickly.  Don't forget you have to recalculate *all*
> relevant RRAs yourself!

 OK.... this is another form, but the problem is the same.....

 How can i modify the dump or the mysql database counter to eliminate that 
  Thanks in advance......
   If possible sendme a copy of the respones ......

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