[rrd-users] RRD Fetch always shows Nan

Phil.Daws at daimlerchryslerservices-it.co.uk Phil.Daws at daimlerchryslerservices-it.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 10:51:35 MEST 2002

Hi :

We have some historic data that we want to add into RRD .... The format of the
data is as follows :

01 Oct 2002 08:16:43 23364 Login
01 Oct 2002 08:21:32 12067 Login

The script I am using to populate is detailed below, but when I fetch the data
back it always shows as NaN ... Cannot work out what I am doing wrong ?


#! /bin/perl -w
# -*- mode: Perl -*-

use Date::Manip;
use lib qw(/opt/rrdtool-1.0.33/lib/perl);
use RRDs 1.000011;

my $rrd="/portal/content/mrtg/appresponse.rrd";
my @args = ($rrd, '-b', 1009839600, '-s', 300,
my $e = RRDs::error();
die "ERROR: Cannot create logfile: $e\n" if $e;

open(INFILE, "/logs/01 Oct 2002 TransactionChecks.log") or die "Cannot open
while (<INFILE>) {
        my ($day,$month,$year,$time,$response,$type) = split (" ",$_);
        if ($type =~ /Login/ && $response > 0) {
                $date=&ParseDateString("$day $month $year $time");
                printf("%s %s\n",$epoch,$response);
                my $e = RRDs::error();
                die "ERROR: Cannot update $rrd with '$epoch:$response' $e\n" if

close INFILE;


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