[rrd-users] Re: Clipping data with sequences of IFs in a CDEF. Can it be done ?

H. D. Lee rrd-users at dutnux.com
Wed Oct 16 01:16:34 MEST 2002

On 2002.10.15_22:59:22_+0000, Stanley Hopcroft wrote:
> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hi Stanley,

> I am writing to say that I'd hoped to clip data before graphing it with
> something like
> CDEF:clipped=x,UpperBound,GT,UpperBound,x,IF,LowerBound,LT,LowerBound,x,IF
> (the intent is that clipped is x:  LowerBound <= x <= UpperBound. I
> thought the CDEF would evaluate to
> min(x,UpperBound),LowerBound,LT,LowerBound,x,IF. Perhaps this is what I 
> should have done in the first place.)

You might want something like:


I haven't tested it yet, CMIIW. Notice that LE was used instead of LT.

> The pair of CDEFs
> CDEF:cliptop=x,UpperBound,GT,UpperBound,x,IF
> CDEF:clipped=cupper,LowerBound,LT,LowerBound,cliptop,IF
> work quite happily.

May be you mean:


It improves the readability, IMHO.

> Yours sincerely.
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H. D. Lee

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