[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool graph timeout

Paul Klinaftakis pkli at forthnet.gr
Wed Oct 23 12:06:39 MEST 2002

Hi, I changed the RRD definition to the one you suggested, so in essence I
am storing 24 samples per day for 365 days in total.
Here is the weird part. My daily, weekly and monthly graphs are generated
The yearly graph though still times out ... actually it just gets stuck and
never completes.
I usually use --start -365d --end now to get a yearly graph. This one times
out. However, if I do
--start -365d --end -53d then the graph is generated fine BUT ofcourse the
last 2 months are not displayed.
Can anyone please help?
I am so confused :-(

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> Hi,
> You should use
> --step 3600
> DS:channels:GAUGE:7200:U:U
> RRA:MAX:0.5:1:8760
> since you do 24 updates per day for 365 days -> 24*365=8760
> usualy i use heartbeat=step
> Telmo Reis
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> Subject: [rrd-users] Re: rrdtool graph timeout

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