[rrd-users] RRD graphing but y axis value strange

Charles Menzes charles at lunarmedia.net
Wed Oct 23 15:24:53 MEST 2002

Hello all,
I'm graphing system load information on a linux machine. Typically the 
values that I am updating the .rrd with are in the format '0.43' or 
something similar, however my y-axis is starting with 0 and increments
to '100 m'. I'm not sure just where this value is coming from. Has anyone 
seen this before?

My rrd was created with the following command line

rrdtool create sysload.rrd \
--start 1035316208 \
DS:load:GAUGE:600:U:U \

I update my rrd with this command line
(I've checked to see if $time and $avg are what is expected and they are)

rrdtool update sysload.rrd \

And finally, my graph is created with

rrdtool graph sysload.gif \
--start $start --end $end \
DEF:myload=sysload.rrd:load:AVERAGE \

Its a pretty simple setup, so I am confused to see the Y axis numbers to 
foreign from what I expect. 

Thanks very much for your input,

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