[rrd-users] Am I doing this right?

Graham, Robert rgraham at mem-ins.com
Thu Oct 24 22:29:33 MEST 2002

I am trying to use MRTG to grab network stats (bits in / bits out) of a
cisco 3524XL switch. The config file for MRTG is set to use:
LogFormat: rrdtool and I have the global options set to "bits".  When I
graph using the rrdcgi utility, the Network stats look fine, but when I try
to calculate the percent utilization , the graph doesn't look right.
In the config file I have the following:
--start end-1day
--title="% Utilization for Switch Port #<RRD::CV PORT> (Daily)"
--imginfo '<IMG SRC=/path/%s WIDTH=%lu HEIGHT=%lu >' 
--width 400 --height 100 
--vertical-label "% Utilization"
DEF:Var1=/...path to rrd file...:ds0:MAX
DEF:Var2=/...path to rrd file...:ds1:MAX
AREA:Total#009900:"Percent Utilization"
GPRINT:Total:AVERAGE:"Avg. %3.3lf%%" GPRINT:Total:MIN:"Min. %3.3lf%%"
GPRINT:Total:MAX:"Max. %3.3lf%%\n"

According to the GPRINT statement, I think it looks correct, however I have
a number (alot) of ports that are reporting the utilization below  .01%.
but the graph doesn't match, and the y axis doesn't show a percent scale.
Instead it shows: 80 m, 60 m,  40 m, 20 m.

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advanced
Robert Graham


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