[rrd-users] Re: Storing data once a minute

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Wed Sep 11 22:29:26 MEST 2002

Close, but no cigar!

You probably do not want 1 minute averages for 732 days. If so, you just need the last RRA and skip the rest.
Else, make it for instance:

For 2days/2h,   
	1 minute averages
	(50hrs * 60 min) / 1 min =  3000 points
For 12.5days,  
	5 minute averages
	(300hrs * 60) / 5 min =   3600 points
For 50days,   
	30 minute averages
	(1200hrs * 60) / 30 =   2400 points
For 732days, 
	4 hour averages
	(17568hrs * 60) / (4 x 60) = 4392 points

The number of rows is the number of consolidated data points.

Serge Maandag.

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	I need to write data in an RRD databse every minute.  I've done the
calculations, but would like a "rrd veteran" to double check my answer.  Any
suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

 For 2days/2h,   50hrs*60 =    3000 points
 For 12.5days,  300hrs*60 =   18000 points
 For 50days,   1200hrs*60 =   72000 points
 For 732days, 17568hrs*60 = 1054080 points

when I setup up the archive it should look like:


Mike Bragg
Network Engineer
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