[rrd-users] some graph ranges empty

Karl Prinelle karl.prinelle at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 18 00:15:39 MEST 2002

Hi list,
I've got a set of rrd's which are being fed by NetView with snmp
collected data about bandwidth used etc..  Although I now think I'm
calculating my RRA's properly I keep seeing that the short term (2d and
2h of data samples every N seconds where N is around 10-15 minutes)
graphs are empty, but the 1week and above charts have data in them for
the same period.  I know I'm looking at the same period because I
deleted all the RRD's and re-ran my extracts & I get the same (slightly
random due to NetView) results.
I know I have a problem with data collection by NetView (another problem
and another list...) which isn't keeping up the polling rate I want, but
I can see data in the charts for the the period I'm interested in, but
only in the longer term (1week+) charts, but then not always - some
devices report some data in the short term (1hour, 2hour, 12 hours).
Anyway, the question is how can this be happening - which bit of the
"create" (or graph) command would affect the short but not the long

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