[rrd-users] Re: --no-minor not working in 1.0.41

Jonathan Disher jdisher at parad.net
Tue Apr 1 20:47:52 MEST 2003

My previous message:

> I just upgraded my machine last night to run 1.0.41.  I've been working on
> a CGI application that dynamically generates bandwidth graphs from a
> stored datasource (a MySQL database, in this case) based on user
> parameters.  One of the nifty functions I saw in the manual that I wanted
> to use was the --no-minor option, to turn off the minor grid (because it
> clutters up the graph a bit).  However, when I add the option to the call
> to RRDs::graph(), I get 500 Internal Server Errors and this appears in my
> Apache error-log:
> ERROR while graphing /usr/local/apache/htdocs/rrd/1048130087m4bDJvG7.rrd:
unknown option '--no-minor'
> ERROR while graphing /usr/local/apache/htdocs/rrd/10481852898sGj0ulQ.rrd:
unknown option '--no-minor'
> I made sure that the old versions of the RRD perl modules were completely
> removed.  I know I can change the GRID color to be the same as the canvas,
> but then I have spots all over my AREA graphs and intersecting my LINE
> graphs.

So does anyone have any ideas of why this doesn't work?  It's in the 1.0.41

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