[rrd-users] RRD and irregular data.

Frank Hooglander Frank.Hooglander at asr.nl
Fri Apr 4 14:04:35 MEST 2003

Dear All,

I'm fairly new at the rddtool, but liking every bit of it.
I'm getting great graphs from my data.

Except that I have two different types of data:
Type 1:  TimeStamp and Response time for a certain transaction  (e.g. N:10
N:11 N:9)
Type 2: TimeStamp and Notification of Failure of a certain transaction
(e.g. N:3 and always N:3) (3 could be 1 or 100 or 10 or whatever, in my
case its 3 :)

Graphing the response time works beautifully, I even got custom X-scaling
to work etc, but my problem is with this irregular data.
I change the heatbeat en step values of the rrd / DS's to match the max
time in between the samples.
I don;t want these samples to be aggregated, e.g. no average's since these
samples indicate downtime and should be Absolute.

Is there a way to get all "in-between" samples using CDEF, and set them to
0, and set the ones that did get into the database to 100, color the 0's
green and the 100's Red ? To indicate uptime /downtime.

Any help / idea's would be appreciated and have a nice weekend.

                                               A computer is almost human  
                                               except that it does not     
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