[rrd-users] Re: Expoential Notation (Newbie)

Chladek, Dave Dave.Chladek at nhmccd.edu
Mon Apr 21 18:04:47 MEST 2003

I'm a newbie to using the rrdtool and while following the tutorial I
encountered the following problem when I use the fetch statement.
>rrdtool fetch test.rrd AVERAGE --start 920804400 --end 920809200
 920804400: NaNQ
 920804700: NaNQ
 920805000: 4.0000000000e-02
 920805300: 2.0000000000e-02
 920805600: 0.0000000000e+00
 920805900: 0.0000000000e+00
 920806200: 3.3333333333e-02
 920806500: 3.3333333333e-02
 920806800: 3.3333333333e-02
 920807100: 2.0000000000e-02
 920807400: 2.0000000000e-02
 920807700: 2.0000000000e-02
 920808000: 1.3333333333e-02
 920808300: 1.6666666667e-02
 920808600: 6.6666666667e-03
 920808900: 3.3333333333e-03
 920809200: NaNQ

I am running on an AIX box on 4.3.3 and using the rrdtool version 1.4.1.  I
followed the installation steps for IBM AIX and I even cut & pasted the
tutorial steps but so far all I get is the above problem results.

I checked the archives and did find an listing under "Expoential Notation"
to which Serge responded with...

==================> snip  snip  <=============================

I process the fetched numbers myself in Perl.
In Perl I simply do print $value + 0 to have it print a normal number.

There are a number of command line math tools for unx / solaris, but most of
them can't do scientific notation.
bc and dc for instance don't.

Here is a list of tools you can check out:


Of them, I know at least calc can handle scientific notation



==================> snip  snip  <=============================

but I don't understand what this is leading to.  I guess I'm short of a full
load right now!

Would someone please assist me in figuring out what I need to do?  

Thanks in Advance,

Dave Chladek
UNIX Systems Administrator
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District Services & Training Center 
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The Woodlands, TX 77381-4399
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