[rrd-users] Possible problem with daylight savings.

Jon Nistor nistor at snickers.org
Mon Apr 28 21:13:01 MEST 2003

Wondering if anyone else has run into this problem or not, I can't seem to
find any references to it in the archives either.
The graph in question is attached (graph.gif).  Its a monthly output of
some bw usage for a host.  If you notice, the day portions for everything
after mid-week14 start showing the redline for midnight.

	CDEF:day00=gfh,POP,LTIME,86400,%,0,EQ,INF,UNKN,IF \
        AREA:day00#FF0000:"   Midnight / 00\:00 to 00\:05 ( First 300 seconds )\n" \

If I'm not mistaken mid-week14 is when the timechange for us was (in

Has anyone else seen behaviour like this?


  Jon (nistor at snickers.org) - iioiiooo.oiiiiiio.oioiioio.ooooooio


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