[rrd-users] threshold graph in rrdtool.

Young, Jeff Jeff.Young at DRKW.COM
Fri Aug 8 16:55:47 MEST 2003

I've been using rrdtool for a while to graph TX and RX MB/s via all ports on
brocade fibre switches.  I have recently added a feature where the user can
specify a threshold value.  The idea is that all values below this given
value will be ignored in the graph.  So if we want to see all ports running
over 45 MB/s I set a threshold of 47185920.
In detail I am simply reducing to zero any values that fall below this
threshold. ie
This gives a reasonable result but there are a few aspects that still bug
1) Below the threshold I still see the graphing lines.  They are the
vertical lines that join the last 'zero' value of the data to the first
'above threshold' value of data.  I would like a way of not drawing this
part of the line.  I could do it by defining two CDEFs and drawing the lower
section in white ( background ) and the over section in line_colour.  This
is the way i'll go if no one has a better idea.
Is it possible to do something with the vertical axis so I effectively pull
down the 40Mb line to where the 0Mb line was ? This way I miss out all the
un-interesting bit and get a nice graph that starts at my given threshold
2) I also build up a legend under the graph
LINE2:BYTES$attribCounter#$colours[$colour]:@anno ($unit)$fill
I need a way of NOT adding legend lines for those line that fall below the
given threshold. ie if BYTES$attribCounter:MAX < threshold then miss out
this GPRINT.
Any ideas ?

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