[rrd-users] Re: Printing some calculated current values on a graph?

Stephan Harren sh at abovenet.de
Tue Aug 12 14:31:37 MEST 2003

> OK, but how? Using GPRINT:user_p:AVERAGE:"Current CPU\: %.2lf user, "
> Gives ERROR: the RRD does not contain an RRA matching the chosen CF

Hmmm, the above should work. Here's an example how I do it:

$rrd_all -u 100 -l 0 -t \"CPU Usage $1\" -v \"Use Percentage\" 
CDEF:notmon=up,UN,100,0,IF CDEF:calc=up,down,+ 
AREA:down#FF0000:\"CRITICAL\\n\" AREA:up#00FF00:\"OK\\n\" 
AREA:notmon#000000:\"Not Monitored\\n\" COMMENT:\"\\n\" $upper 
GPRINT:calc:AVERAGE:\"Average Usage       \\:  %3.2lf %%\\n\" 
GPRINT:calc:MAX:\"Max Usage           \\:  %3.2lf %%\\n\" $percentage[12]

Try to use no underscore (user_p), I think I remember that there was a problem 
with it, just a guess ....

> > BTW, if you use GAUGE and AVERAGE to store your data, you automatically
> > store percentage as the linux raw values are hundredth of seconds ...
> I think I'm doing that, but in my opinion, a value such as 744674 is
> not a percentage. And lets keep it on the list, if you don't mind.

Use rrdtool dump to see what is stored inside the rrd-file. You give it the 
744674 but it calculates the difference to the last entry, so that you might 
get 3000 hundredth of seconds. If you do the measurement every 5 minutes (300 
seconds) the average usage during this timeframe will be 10 100th of seconds, 
which will be 10 % as 3000 hundredth of seconds are 10 % of 30000 
(300seconds/100) hundredth of seconds.

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