[rrd-users] Storing more than just one value per data-point? Any Idea???

Sven Hessenmueller Sven.Hessenmueller at gmx.de
Sun Aug 17 16:47:50 MEST 2003

Hi list,

im just working on a small tool for throwing out some
availability-statistics of different webservices. Therefore I store
"unconsolidated" data of one year in a RRD (timestep 300).
All i need to store is just a 0 or a 1 (service is available | is not
available) and the time (max. 180 seconds) needed for connecting to the
service (f.e. https://whatever.bla). And so i have a problem:

Is it possible to store more than one value in just one data-point of
RRD? At the moment i'm filling one RRD with 0 | 1 and another with the
belonging connection-time, but this is, of course, a real waste of
harddisk-space, beacause both data belongs together... and in the RRD
where im storing just a 0 or an 1, there should be much space left (RRD
uses 32Bit for one data-point?) ...

Does anybody know how to "elegantly" solve that problem?
If RRD doesn't provide a possibiliy to solve that - has anyone an idea
about suitable bit-shifting operations i can use to store 2 values in 1
(i need 1 bit for the availablity - the rest should be more than enough
for the time-value...)  



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