[rrd-users] 1400 *.rrd files to work with ...

Eyer Michael Michael.Eyer at khe.siemens.de
Tue Aug 26 10:53:56 MEST 2003


i have 1400 *.rrd files with data in it and i need to work with it.
These files have all the same structure and now i have to merge these
files in a reasonable way.


                  a      |
              b |        |
                |       Sw2---
     Core ------|
                |       Sw3--------
                |        |

This is a Sample structure of the Network and from all the Routers (R)
and Switches (Sw) we have a lot of Data from all interfaces. 

A easy operation over the network would be:
Core + R2 + Sw1 + Sw2 = Sum1

A more complex could be:
R2(a) - Sw1 = E    to Compare the Trafic  Sw1 + Sw2 = R2(a)

In a Network with 1400 *.rrds there could be endless situations :)

Now my question:

Has anyone seen/build a script/tool where i can choose a bunch of
Interfaces, group them and make wild mathematic operations with it?

Maby like this:
* I have a config file with 10 interfaces
* then i run my script
* the scrip analyses the conf file and sees all 10 interface should be
  add together
* next the script gives me an rrd graph with the solution

A ideal solution would be a point + click web interface with all my 
interfaces instead a conf file, because all operations are done
on the fly, not on a regular base.

And dont forget, it's not about data collecting, the data is already 
there, it's only about graphing over multiple rrds.

It would be nice if someone found such a solution or provide me with
a little help. I've already searched the mailing list, but found no
siutable solution for me. (or overlooked it)

Best Regards,

Michael Eyer

here are two major products to come out of Berkeley: 
LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. 

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