[rrd-users] (fix|fill)er for blank spots in RRAs

Shawn core at enodev.com
Fri Dec 12 01:01:04 MET 2003

Being new to rrd, I didn't setup heartbeat correctly on my DSs the first
gajillion times. So, I ended up with lots of NaNs in my graphs when my
collectors failed (I presume this is the reason, but I still don't know
rrd enough to really say what I did [or am doing] wrong).

So I created a crude perl script that replaces rows starting with NaN
with the previous data filled row in the RRA (if the was a previous one
in the set with data). Please let me know if any of you want a copy.

It will show you a diff of old vs filled xml dumps if you ask it to, or
even backup the original rrd and replace it with the newly filled rrd.

big caveat: The script assumes that if the first value in the row is NaN
that the line is garbage and replaces it with the last line in the set
to have data. If/when I teach the script to actually read xml, I will be
able to fix this, or maybe I'll just fix this issue then teach it xml
later... ;)

smaller caveat: No signal handler. This thing will leave temp files
(when using --showdiff) if it is piped to "head", as I do not handle

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