[rrd-users] 0x0 graphs

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Sun Dec 21 10:21:18 MET 2003

Given that I have the following, and it works:

bwgraph# rrdtool fetch 00-c0-9f-22-ee-b0.rrd AVERAGE -s -1200
                 incoming       outgoing

1071996900:  3.2231960000e+04  1.4315356667e+04
1071997200:  3.1673283333e+04  3.0734383333e+04
1071997500:  3.3656576667e+04  1.6824960333e+05
1071997800:  3.8042816667e+04  4.2603670000e+05
1071998100:  3.1333516667e+04  6.8309433333e+03
1071998400:  NaN  NaN

Why does graphing the same set of data fail?:

bwgraph# rrdtool graph file.gif -s -1200 DEF:in=00-c0-9f-22-ee-b0.rrd:incoming:AVERAGE

I've looked at the examples cited, and these options are, AFAIK, the bare
minimum I should need.

Do I not have enough samples in the database?  Is there some minimum
amount of time or minimum amount of RRA's that need to be generated before
you can graph?


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