[rrd-users] Re: Graph: parse DEF problem

Stephan Harren sh at abovenet.de
Wed Feb 5 10:42:17 MET 2003

If you use it in a script, escape the ":" in the way you should do.
Another (preferred) way is to put the path into a variable (which you anyway 
should do to save a lot of typing when writing/changing your script). I think 
this will do.

Best regards,


Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 10:10 schrieb Henriette.Harmse at za.didata.com:
> Hi All,
> I appologise in advance if this is an issue that has been answered before.
> I am using RRD on windows and get a
> "ERROR: can't parse DEF 'Elapsed_2=E:\Logging\data\users\ADMINISTRATOR.rrd'
> -2
> rrdtool graph E:\Logging\data\users\images\ADMINISTRATOR0.png -s 1041867313
> -e 1041867373 -w 600 -a PNG -l 0 -t ADMINISTRATOR
> DEF:Elapsed_2=E:\Logging\data\users\ADMINISTRATOR.rrd:Elapsed_2:AVERAGE
> DEF:Elapsed_1=E:\Logging\data\users\ADMINISTRATOR.rrd:Elapsed_1:AVERAGE
> LINE1:Elapsed_2#FF0000:Elapsed: SAG/INFO/ETBCIS
> I am sure that the ":" in the path is the problem becuase when I use
> DEF:Elapsed_2=ADMINISTRATOR.rrd:Elapsed_2:AVERAGE for instance it works
> fine - however for my app I need to use absolute paths.  Does any one know
> how I can get around this problem?
> Thanks in advance
> Henriette
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