[rrd-users] More GPRINT & legend questions!

Brander, Eric Eric.Brander at ACS-INC.com
Fri Feb 7 17:45:42 MET 2003

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions everyone!  I'm finally getting

One more formatting question.  I have a lot of trailing 0's in my legend.
Is there an easy way to tell the GPRINT line to use say only 1 decimal
place?  Also, my gprint lines just happen to line up real nice because of
their size, but how can I give them an absolute location? 14all.cgi seems to
do this, justifying the legend and spacing the items out so they are
aesthetically pleasing.

Here's what I use to make the graph:
rrdtool graph weather.gif --title "Weather RRD Graphing Test" \
--lazy --width 600 DEF:Humidity=weather.rrd:Humidity:AVERAGE \
DEF:Temperature=weather.rrd:Temperature:AVERAGE \
AREA:Humidity#0000AA:"Humidity" \
AREA:Temperature#FF0000:"Temperature\n" \
"GPRINT:Humidity:MAX:Maximum Humidity "%%lf \
"GPRINT:Temperature:MAX:Maximum Temperature "%%lf\n \
"GPRINT:Humidity:MIN:Minimum Humidity "%%lf \
"GPRINT:Temperature:MIN:Minimum Temperature "%%lf\n \
"GPRINT:Humidity:AVERAGE:Average Humidity "%%lf \
"GPRINT:Temperature:AVERAGE:Average Temperature "%%lf\n \
"GPRINT:Humidity:LAST:Current Humidity "%%lf \
"GPRINT:Temperature:LAST:Current Temperature "%%lf\n 

Which produces the attached graph.  

Thanks again for all the help!

Eric Brander
Texas CHIP Account
Sr. Communications Engineer - Information Systems Department
Eric dot Brander at acs-inc dot com

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