[rrd-users] Re: FW: Re: a newbue question about --units-exponent

Alan Lodge alan.lodge at sms-internet.net
Fri Feb 7 21:25:00 MET 2003

I am generating the graphs at the cmd prompt via a vbs script run by WSH. I
have tried running  it from the cmd line (replacing the dynamic elements
graph_start and graph_end with the correct second values) and it reports
that ' --units-exponent=0' is an unknown option. If I then remove the option
the graph generates with no problems.

I am running rrd on a NT 5 (Windows 2000) box

Here is the script I run

rrdtool graph 5555.gif --alt-autoscale-max --lower-limit 0 --title "Usage
sumary for account number: 5555" --start " & graph_start & " --end " &
graph_end & " -x DAY:1:DAY:7:DAY:1:86400:%d --height 180 --width
430 --lower-limit --units-exponent=0 --interlaced:true
DEF:elapsed=5555.rrd:elapsed_time:MAX DEF:calls=5555.rrd:total_calls:MAX
"CDEF:elapsedmin=elapsed,60,/" AREA:elapsedmin#00ff00:Time
GPRINT:elapsedmin:LAST:Current=%2.2lf" Minutes"
GPRINT:elapsedmin:MAX:Maximum=%2.2lf" Minutes"
GPRINT:elapsed:MIN:Minimum=%2.2lf" Minutes"\n AREA:calls#cc66cc:Calls
GPRINT:calls:LAST:Current=%2.2lf" Calls" GPRINT:calls:MAX:Maximum=%2.2lf"
Calls" GPRINT:calls:MIN:Minimum=%2.2lf" Calls"

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> Are you generating your graphs from the command line or are you
> using PHP or
> Perl modules to do it?  Would it be possible to see the complete command
> that you are using too?  It shouldn't matter, but what operating system is
> this running on?  It might help in troubleshooting the problem.
> Thanks.
> Jason...

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