[rrd-users] Problems installing RRDs.pm

Chirhart, Brian bchirhart at fnni.com
Mon Jan 6 02:39:03 MET 2003

Before I get any "RTFM" and "Did you look in the archives?"....  let me say
that I have been working this for 2 days and I have done both.... several

First my info:
Perl 5.8.0 (activestate)
RRDTool - 1.0.40 (downloaded rrdtool-1.0.40.x86distr.zip)

In the manual "README-X86-NT" it states that you need Perl 5.6 - does
RRDTool NOT work in 5.8?  I could have sworn that I used to have it running
in 5.8 before the "black wednesday" system crash took everything.
The file also says that you can type "ppm install rrds.ppd" to install
RRDS.ppd, but this is not true.  CPAN does not carry that PPD file anymore
(I guess) - But by doing a "REP ADD .../perl-shared" command, then install
1, it will find the file, but fail in the install with "ERROR: No sutible
installation target found for package RRDs".  Is it a bad RRDs.pm file?

I found nothing on the web (google groups, etc...) addressing that except
for some people having the same problem with some other PPD files.  I tried
some of their suggestions, but nothing was fruitful.

In an attempt to get it working, I have copied several things in to
different locations.  I think this was more of a mistake than anything, so I
plan on removing and reinstalling Perl.  Can someone please tell me how they
have been successful installing RRDs.pm or (more helpful!!) what I need to
do to get RRDTool installed if I am missing something?  Do I need to do the
NTMake or the Makefile?  I don't think so since I already have the RRDs.pm,

Any help on this will bring much praise of your name in our office...  Not
that that would do you any good, but you might get a warm fuzzy feeling....


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