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Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 13 20:30:39 MET 2003


Regarding 'non gpl' stuff and mrtg / rrdtool ...

the GPL gets interpreted in different ways regarding integration
of GPL and non GPL software ... my take is this. If you use mrtg
and rrdtool in a non GPL product, but state clearly that you are
doing so and do not hide mrtg  / rrdtool then this is fine with me,
as long as you DO NOT go into the problem space of GRAPHING and
LOGGING with extensions ... So if you extend RRDTOOL with new graph
types and do not make your extension GPL, we do have a problem.

I know there are all these discussions about linking, shared
libraries and lanugage bindings and so on ... I am not realy
interested in these discussions as they do not get us further ...
What counts for me is the spirit and the actions ... To take Somix
as an example, they are providing a valuable service to the
comunity with their configuration archive and they are generous to
me by every so often ordering some dvds ... I like them.

On the other hand if a company takes rrdtool, removes my marker,
changes the colors and the layout of the graphs a bit and then
included it in their for pay product and sells the combo for a lot
of money then I am not happy as I do not see them giving back the
either the community or me ...

About the fries and the burger, if the burger is free, but its the
fries you need then you can either pay someone todo the fries for
you or you can bake your own ... doing a 95 percentile analysis
with rrdtool 1.0.x even, is so simple its realy not worth arguing
about ... is this something people would be happy to have? A tool
like this:

rrdpercentile file.rrd input 300 2002 12 95

it would look at file.rrd in there it would take the data source
input and make sure it is available in 300 seconds interval for the
whole of december 2002 and then it would sort the measurements and
tell you the number thet is bigger than 95% of the other numbers


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