[rrd-users] Compile RRDs pre-release rrdtool (1.1.x) for Win2k

Larry LeBlanc larry.leblanc at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 15 03:18:01 MET 2003

Good evening,

Has anyone successfully compiled RRDs v1.1.x under Win32?  I have come across numerous posts over the past 1½ years from people asking the very same question, but without any answers.

The goal
I would like to use the Cricket frontend (v1.0.3) to RRDTool (v1.1.x) on a Windows 2000 Server, but am getting an error due to the usage of the COMPUTE DS in Cricket's sample \perfmon\Defaults config file.  What I have done thus far is removed all COMPUTE DSs in the Cricket config file.  Although I am now able to collect raw data, transforming the data into something useful will prove to be alot tougher than described in http://cricket.sourceforge.net/support/doc/perfmon.html, as it appears quite incomplete. :(

One can only assume that the author of the \cricket\cricket-config\perfmon\Defaults file was running Cricket on a UNIX box with the "libwin32" Perl module installed.  If this is the only way, please let me know, and I'll look into the Cygwin package.


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