[rrd-users] invalid rpn expression

Edson Manners emanners at realprod.acns.fsu.edu
Wed Jan 15 22:46:39 MET 2003

I am currently collecting tail and random drop information. On the graph that 
I am creating I would like total_drops = tail_drops + random drops.
Here are the inolved lines.

DEF_sprint_dscp_0_taildrop = 

DEF_sprint_dscp_0_randomdrop = 

CDEF_total_sprint_0_drop = 

Here is the error:
ERROR: invalid rpn expression 

I can graph either the taildrops or the random drops separately but once I try 
to add them I get the error message above.

Here is the line that is in the actual graph command.
$(rrdtool) graph \
        Sprint-dscp.png \
        --interlaced \
        --width 640 \
        --height 150 \
        --alt-autoscale \
        -v 'bits/sec' \
        -t 'Sprint +Transmitted vs. -Dropped Traffic' \
        -s $(time) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_0_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_0_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_8_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_8_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_16_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_16_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_24_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_24_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_32_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_32_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_40_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_40_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_48_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_48_transmitted) \
        $(DEF_sprint_dscp_56_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_sprint_dscp_56_transmitted) \
        $(CDEF_total_sprint_0_drop) \
        AREA:sprint_packet56#99ccff:'dscp56' \
        STACK:sprint_packet48#ffff00:'dscp48' \
        STACK:sprint_packet40#0000ff:'dscp40' \
        STACK:sprint_network#ff00ff:'Network' \
        STACK:sprint_humans#ff0000:'Humans' \
        STACK:sprint_bulk#000000:'Bulk' \
        STACK:sprint_unknown#00ffff:'Unknown' \

If any other explanation is needed I will be happy to provide it. ANY advise 
or help is appreciated.

In a rare moment of mental clarity, 
I realized that I was insane. - Edson Manners
Academic Computing and Network Systems
Florida State University

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