[rrd-users] Re: clearing of counters on Cisco switches

Stephan Harren sh at abovenet.de
Tue Jan 28 10:10:40 MET 2003

Surely it will help to set a max, but btw, sometimes cisco counters jump above 
the interface capacity. For example, they show up that you transfer an 
average of 224 MBit/s over a FastEthernet-Interface. For this kind of stuff 
you really need to set a max of 100 MBit. 

Best regards,


Am Dienstag, 28. Januar 2003 10:02 schrieb Serge Maandag:
> I regularly clear the interface counters, I do it on the command line
> though.
> That also clears the in- and outoctets. It never caused peaks in my
> graph.
> Do you have a max set for the ds's in your rrd? try rrdtool info to
> check.
> Serge
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> Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 6:37 PM
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> Subject: [rrd-users] clearing of counters on Cisco switches
> RRDTOOL gurus,
> We have noticed that our installation of MRTG+RRDTOOL+14all.cgi shows a
> huge spike on our Cisco interface graphs whenever a "clear counters" is
> done on the device.  This is becoming a big problem for us, as we have
> just implemented a new NMS which clears all counters once per day.  We
> run
> MRTG with RRDTOOL and 14all.cgi, and this problem is seen in the latest
> versions of each.  MRTG alone does NOT exhibit this behavior.
> I know this is an issue of the OID counter wrapping, but why is it that
> MRTG alone handles this and the RRDTOOL implementation does not.  Is
> there
> a way to tweak RRDTOOL or 14all.cgi to better handle this wrapping
> situation?
> More info on my setup:
> - Switches are Cisco Cat 4006 and 5XXX
> - Our NMS is resetting all port counters by doing an snmpset on
>   private.  Most people do not believe me, but this DOES
>   reset the ifOctets value to 0, by design.
> Thanks in advance...
> Scott Daffron
> Network Engineer
> Sentara Health Care

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