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twooly at mchsi.com twooly at mchsi.com
Tue Jan 28 17:15:07 MET 2003

Ok I looked at the docs now when I run this I get 
C:\rrd>rrdtool graph test.png d:\mrtg\isg999999sm3001\logs\isg999999sm3001-1.rrd
 --start 1/12/03 --end 1/13/03
ERROR: can't parse 'd:\mrtg\isg999999sm3001\logs\isg999999sm3001-1.rrd'

Any thoughts

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Just take a close look into the documentation of rrdtool graph. You can
anything for a specific time, if you still have the data in your

Best regards,


Am Montag, 27. Januar 2003 22:39 schrieb twooly:
> I currently have rrd running great on a windows 2k server and have just
> question.  I currently get my graphs (from cacti) just fine for the 5 min,
> weekly, montly, and yearly but my question is how can I get a graph say
> from this week that has already past or for this specific month.  Sorry if
> this has been asked before I am new this.
> Thanks
> --Todd

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