[rrd-users] Re: LINEx...

Nelis Lamprecht nelis at brabys.co.za
Mon Jul 7 08:49:50 MEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 08:36, Chris Knipe wrote:
> Lo all,
> Is there a limit to the number of LINEs that can be drawn by RRD?  I know,
> it's more than likely a stupid question, but I cannot see why this is
> failing....
> rrdtool graph test.gif -s -86400 -e `date +%s` -v "Latency" -U ms -t
> "Network Ping Times" DEF:ISPA=/var/spool/RRD/network.ping.rrd:ISPA:AVERAGE
> DEF:ISPB=/var/spool/RRD/network.ping.rrd:ISPB:AVERAGE
> DEF:ISPC=/var/spool/RRD/network.ping.rrd:ISPC:AVERAGE
> LINE1:ISPA:"Latency to ISP A" LINE2:ISPB:"Latency to ISP B"
> LINE3:ISPC:"Latency to ISP C" LINE4:INTERNATIONAL:"International Latency"
> ERROR: unknown function 'LINE4'


>From the manual...

            Plot for the requested data, using the color
            specified. Write a legend into the graph. The 3
            possible keywords LINE1, LINE2, and LINE3 generate
            increasingly wide lines. If no color is defined, the
            drawing is done 'blind' this is useful in connection
            with the STACK function when you want to ADD the
            values of two data-sources without showing it in the

Note: In above "The _3_ possible keywords."


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