[rrd-users] Re: Problems with RRDcgi

Leigh Sharpe lsharpe at pacificwireless.com.au
Thu Jul 17 01:28:53 MEST 2003

Your HTML page contains the command-line for yourRRD Graph function. This
indicates tyhat the server is simply serving up the page, rather than
processing it through rrdcgi. It looks like you have no shebang line in
t\your page, so trhe server doesn't realise that it is supposed to eexecute
it. Is this on a windows box or a *nix machine?

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From: "bhumika joshi" <badmash_bhumika at yahoo.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 8:44 PM
Subject: [rrd-users] Problems with RRDcgi

> hi ,
> i am using mrtg-rrdtool to graph the cpu utilization of a windows server
here.i got those GRAPHS i am attaching to this mail , but for this i had to
execute an rrdtool graph instruction on the command line.

> now i am trying to use rrdcgi to generate a web page containing my graphs
.. my rrd cgi configuration is as follows > i ve placed this cgi[named
page.rrdcgi] in the cgi-bin directory .. the rrd files are also in the same
directory ..
>  however when i try opening thie file from the browser it gives me a
webpage with the OUTPUT PAGE i have attached to this mail ..
> if i simply try opening the rrdcgi file with rrd_cgi (open with option in
windows) i get the followinf line on the msdos prompt -->
> (offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input)
> can you please point out my mistakes .. thanks in advance
> truly,
> bhumika

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