[rrd-users] Escaping % in PRINT ?

Rrdtool Rrdtool at previnet.it
Wed Jul 30 12:29:04 MEST 2003

I'm just about to convert my whole mrtg setup to rrdtool (currently about
2700 Target[], linux on pentium 2000 won't handle it anymore).
I'm experimenting with routers2.cgi (v2.12beta) for a intermediate
migration, later it will be cricket I suppose, but I'll need to change lots
of custom monitoring scripts before. So this is a newby alert :)

Anyway, I found routers2.cgi failing on lots of targets and tracked it down
to the mrtg cfg containing a literal % (percentage sign) in the LegendI/O
RRD Error: bad format for [G]PRINT in 'Load % 1min Max %6.2lf %s%%, '

it seems to be called from routers2.cgi around line 3582 :

push @params,
	"PRINT:$mds0:MAX:".$q->b($legendi)." Max $ssin, ",
(same for legendo)

In the rrdtool manual I didn't yet find a way to escape a % sign, e.g.

my $perctemp;
($perctemp = $q->b($legendi)) =~ s/%/percentage/g;
push @params,
        "PRINT:$mds0:MAX:".$perctemp." Max $ssin, ",

What can be used instead of "percentage" in order to produce a literal %
sign in [G]PRINT ?

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