[rrd-users] Re: snmp problem

Thomas Erskine thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 5 03:36:02 MEST 2003

At 08:19 2003-06-04, Remy Bouba wrote:
 >now that i've correctly installed and configured remstats i got a new problem
 >let me explain the situation :
 >i want to monitor some SNMP variables on a cisco router (for now, but then
 >it will be on a entire network)
 >i added the oid in the oids file
 > locIfResets

Hmm.  That should be:

 >i created the corresponding file in the rrds directory
 >i want the snmp-collector to collect this variable for all the interfaces of
 >the router
 >but when i run only the snmp-collector to check what it collects i can't see
 >my variable
 >why can't i add this oids in the if-snmp rrd

I'm assuming that you mean the snmpif- rrd.  This rrd definition is *magic* 
in that it is known about by the snmp-collector and handled specially.  I 
was hoping to add code to permit it not to be special, but I've never 
gotten around to it.  The upshot is that (as documented in the rrd 
definition file) the oids that it uses don't have to be coded in the rrd 
definition and others that you add will be ignored.  Sorry.  It's on my 
list, but as I currently have no SNMP devices to monitor, I have no proper 
way of testing any code and less need for it.

 >i hope you'll understand my question
 >Sorry bother you again and again
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