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Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Wed Jun 11 16:06:22 MEST 2003

Your browser won't display it, because it's expecting an image.
So the only place you can find them is the errorlog of your webserver.

You can of course make a errorlog viewer frontend.
In perl you can intercept error messages and tag them with some keyword,
I don't know if you can do that in a shell script. Perhaps
/etc/init.d/functions holds something like that.


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Is there a way to debug error messagesd when creating images?  Below is
my sh script/cgi to create the image from rrd data.  My image output is
The image "http://mrtg/cgi-bin/isp/inbound-daily.cgi" cannot be
displayed, because it contains errors.

What could case this issue?


echo "Content-Type: image/png"

rrdtool graph - \
--imgformat PNG \
--interlaced \
--start="-86400" \
--title 'ISP Traffic Inbound' \
--base="1000" \
--width="750" \
--height="200" \
--alt-autoscale-max \
--vertical-label "Kilobytes Per Second" \
DEF:if="/var/www/mrtg/traffic/isp/fastethernet2_0.rrd":ds0:AVERAGE \
CDEF:infuse="if,8,*" \
CDEF:inoar="io,8,*" \
LINE2:infuse#00CF00:"isp1" \
GPRINT:inuse:LAST:" Current\:%8.2lf %s" \
GPRINT:inuse:AVERAGE:"Average\:%8.2lf %s" \
GPRINT:inuse:MAX:"Maximum\:%8.2lf %s\n" \
LINE2:inoar#002A97:"isp2" \
GPRINT:inoar:LAST:"Current\:%8.2lf %s" \
GPRINT:inoar:AVERAGE:"Average\:%8.2lf %s" \
GPRINT:inoar:MAX:"Maximum\:%8.2lf %s"



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