[rrd-users] Re: remstats : dns-collector

Thomas Erskine thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 19 13:25:04 MEST 2003

At 07:01 2003-06-19, David IMANACHE wrote:
 >I've just two question :
 >1)I'd like to use namedstats and namedxfers rrds. How the sig-ill signal
 >is send to the monitored machine ?

If you look at the definition, you'll see that these are not collected by 
the dns-collector, but by the log-collector and the unix-status-collector, 
respectively.  The namedstats rrd was written as an experiment, which 
should probably not be done by anyone who has a nameserver that they need 
stats on, as bind (at least the version I was using at the time), would 
stop answering queries for the noticable length of time it took to write 
the log.  As is noted in the rrd definition file.  I was using cron to send 
the signal to cause bind to write the log.

The namedxfers rrd simply counts the processes running via the 
unix-status-server, which must be installed on the remote machine.

 >1-1)I have two "named" runned on a machine : which daemon would be take
 >into account?

For the namedstats rrd, whichever one the log file belongs to.  namedxfers 
will get confused in this case, as I hadn't considered the
possibility of running two instances.

I'm sorry, but these rrds aren't likely to help people who need it.  I'd 
recommend djbdns instead, which does produce logs which can be 
analyzed.  Unless newer versions of bind have some more reasonable method 
of getting stats out, I can't offer anything better in remstats.

 >thanks in advance

Thomas Erskine <thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca> +1.613.591.8490 

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