[rrd-users] Problems with RRD and graphing BIND...........

Alex Ponnath alexp at iccinternet.com
Mon Mar 3 05:34:41 MET 2003

i know what i am going to ask might be something i should be able to
find somewhere in the docs but for some reason i am not.
I have a script which uses the named.stats file to extract the nbr of
queries and some other stuff of my dns server. So far so good
but when i try to enter all this in rrd i am not getting anything back.
First off i created my rrd file like this..
RRDs::create ($rrd, "--start",$start-1, "--step",300,
i want to store the data for quite some time, thats why i have these
large values........ and i chose gauge since i will pass a nbr for each
which reflect nbrs of querys for the 5 Min interval. Also i want to keep
track of the max values an Min Values. I hope this is ok so far. 
Now i run a script every 5 minutes which feeds the data into the rrd
which seems to run fine because i dont get any errors.....
then when i try to graph this i get nothing but a blank graph...
/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.41/bin/rrdtool graph -w 650 -h 200
myrouter-dns.png --start -3600 \
DEF:dnsok=bindns2laxus.rrd:ok:AVERAGE  \
DEF:dnsfail=bindns2laxus.rrd:fail:AVERAGE \
DEF:dnsreferal=bindns2laxus.rrd:referal:AVERAGE \
DEF:dnsnxrrset=bindns2laxus.rrd:nxrrset:AVERAGE \
DEF:dnsnxdomain=bindns2laxus.rrd:nxdomain:AVERAGE \
DEF:dnsrecursion=bindns2laxus.rrd:recursion:AVERAGE \ 
AREA:dnsok#00FF00:"Ok" \
LINE1:dnsfail#0000FF:"Fail" \ 
LINE2:dnsreferal#FF00FF:"Referal" \ 
LINE3:dnsnxrrset#FF0000:"Nxrrset" \
LINE4:dnsnxdomain#555555:"Nxdomain" \ 
I hope someone can point me here in the right direction...

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